WordPress Vs. Blogger Blogs For Online Businesses

For both bricks and motor and online businesses, Blogger blogs used to be a handy tool in 2005. However, WordPress changed the entire game plan.

Having a blog on your website is a great investment. As well as being a fantastic promotional tool and a way to keep in touch with your customers regularly, blogging has search engine optimisation (SEO) benefits, and also allows you to highlight new products and services to both people and search engines by deep-linking directly to a product. By keeping your blog on your own domain name, instead of blogger.com, you reap the full benefits.

When we talk about the WordPress Vs. Blogger debate, WordPress would always take the edge. As well as being on your own domain for the above reasons, a self-hosted WordPress blog gives you far more flexibility than Blogger, or even one on WordPress.com.

One of the best features of WordPress that helps this along is plugins and widgets. A way to add functionality, widgets has been a strong feature for WordPress users because they can simply add a couple of different widgets through the admin panel to enhance and customize their website’s front end, or add in a new feature or ability.

As well as powering a blog, did you know thatWordpress can be used as a content management system to power your whole site, not just your blog. This is nowhere near as simple and clean with Blogger. Our whole site here is powered by WordPress, not just this blog.

    If you’re looking forward to establishing your own online business, multimediART are the WordPress experts. We offer both WordPress website design packages for both customising and existing theme, or we can design and create you your very own unique WordPress theme from scratch. We can also make plugins to enhance functionality, or simply install WordPress if you’d like to try your hand at setting up your own blog.

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    1. I totally agree with WordPress over Blogger for the self-hosting and extra features. I also don’t like Blogger because I have found it difficult or impossible to leave a comment on Bloger blogs many times – too many hoops to jump through to leave a comment means you get fewer comments on your blog. I want comments on my blog (it makes the blog much more interesting and helps SEO as well) so I won’t even consider a blogger blog now.

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