Using SEO to Build Your Brand

Search Engine Optimisation – It’s becoming more and more critical than ever to employ some sort of SEO plan in order to develop brand recognition, rank your website higher on the all mighty ‘Google’ search and attract more customers to your business. A way to start improving the SEO for your website is to closely manage and improve your website content.

Content Management

Content is key for any successful venture, but in the world of Search Engine Optimisation, managing the content of your website and inserting key words which will attract the Search Engines, while selling your brand and the image you wish to convey is a highly skillful endeavor.

Web copy written for SEO needs to engage the reader, appear as natural language, and also include your keywords in the correct way. While some web developers use a mathematical formula to decide how many keywords to include, these days its enough to provide fresh content regularly, including your keywords where they naturally fit. A great way to accomplish this goal is to have a blog for your business.

[pullquote]Your  blog should be on your domain name, not a free blog such as or blogger, otherwise you will lose the SEO benefit[/pullquote]

A blog is a great way to not only provide your customers and website visitors with fresh or entertaining articles and news about you or your business, but it also is a great way to expand Search Engine Optimisation. By inserting keywords or phrases in the copy of your articles, this will trigger and gain the attention of the search engines. The more copy that is on your website with these keywords, the more likely the search engines will rank you higher on the list.

The drawback to this is many SEO writers tend to insert too many keywords. As a result, the message of the blog gets lost, and the readers don’t return. Our opinion is to blog on your website a few times per week. Find a topic which is relevant to your business or website and the keywords will naturally appear.

The search engines, which billions of users frequent daily, rely on updated content, so if you’re wanting to start with SEO the best advice I can give is to always keep adding information. Make your content fresh and relative to your website and you’ll be accomplishing the first phase of SEO Content Management which will help build your brand recognition.

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