Top Qualities of a Good Logo Design

A good logo design can mean the difference between business success and failure; it really is that simple. Through the history of branding, companies who accelerate their brands to a higher level often have a memorable logo which not only sells their brand best, but also creates an attraction and recognition between the company and the customer.

A good logo will include four specific design elements:


A quality logo needs to be  simple in design. A simple logo is easy to recognize, and is often the easiest way to tell the customer what their brand is all about. A simple logo will also attract the eyes of a potential customer even when surrounded by dozens of competitors as well. A great example of a very simple but highly memorable logo is the Nike Swoosh or the Oakley Sunglasses ‘O’. These long lasting images were developed very simply and implied the age old K.I.S.S. concept; KEEP IT SIMPLE, STUPID.


A great logo needs to be very memorable once viewed by a potential customer. By memorable, we mean that it should burn a place in the viewer’s memory the instant they see your logo. This can be accomplished by design elements including font, script, color and even size. If I ask you to think of a logo with the colors Red and Yellow, what is the first thing that comes into your mind? How about Red and White? If you answered McDonald’s and Coke, you and 2.3 Billion customers would agree.


Speaking of timeless, let’s take a look at that Coke logo again. Over the years, the same brand logo, originally created in 1885 has stood as the corporate identity of this beverage giant. Their major competitors Pepsi Co. have gone through 11 different logos in nearly the same time period. This tells me that the Coke logo is timeless.


Any logo worth its weight in salt must be versatile for multiple uses. If your logo is black on white background, what would it look like on a dark background? How about size? Would your logo be appropriate and easy to identify if it was the size of a postage stamp or if it was attached to the side of a car? Make sure your logo design can be used for multiple applications.

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