Secure WordPress

Unfortunately, just doing a search in google for ‘wordpress hack’ will bring up a LOT of results. This is a real problem that anyone running a WordPress site needs to be aware of. Most importantly, steps should be taken to help prevent it happening in the first place. By using our Secure WordPress service, your blog will be secured against many loopholes in WordPress that leave your blog wide open.

  • Create a secure database by changing your database prefix
  • Add a captcha style (random letters and numbers) login to your admin panel
  • Change the ‘default’ wordpress login path to anything you like
  • Add an extra username and password to even access the WordPress admin login
  • Hide any details about your wordpress installation from public view
  • Instant email notifications and IP lockout if someone tries to crack your password
  • Fully managed in WordPress admin panel

Get your blog secured against common hacks and keep your businesses biggest investment safe for only $70.

or contact us for offline payments.