Maximise your SEO With Word Press tags

Have you heard of Word Press tags? Tags in Word Press are very important and are similar to your categories, only they’re not necessarily there for navigation purposes. Tags are used more for sorting posts by topic, and also play a very important rule in categorising your content for search engines and website visitors by using keywords and keyphrases in your tags.

So What is a Word Press tag?

More specific than their category counterparts, Word Press tags should be an important part of your SEO strategy. Categories are broader, but tags dig down deeper to tell you specifically what’s inside a particular blog post.  Whenever you add a new post, on the right side, you’ll see a section that says Post Tags.

WordPress recommends an average of 5 to 10 tags be added to each blog post. Not having any isn’t good for your search engine optimization. Having too many only confuses the reader.

How do I use Word Press tags?

To get started with tags, you can simply type in keywords and phrases and separate them with commas. Or, if you’ve had the blog for awhile, just click “Choose from the most used tags” and pick from among your common tag choices.

If you change your mind and want to delete a tag, just click the gray X beside the tag.

You can also manage your tags from the main dashboard. Click on Posts and then Post Tags. You can add tags from there, delete or edit them. On this page you’ll see a massive tag cloud, too.

What’s a tag cloud? A tag cloud shows you which tags you use most on your site. If you see a tag you want to edit in the tag cloud, click on it and it will let you edit the words and the URL for that tag, too.

Final Thoughts

Tags and categories are both important to your site’s findability and navigation. Don’t exclude one for the other – use them in conjunction to give your blog the best SEO boost possible. By cho0sing your keywords carefully and making sure to include them in your category names, permalinks and your tags, you’ll be giving your Word Press blog or site a great SEO boost.

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