Keyword Research

There’s a lot of confusion around SEO and keyword research. Writing for your blog or website without using the correct keywords is like throwing mud at a wall and hoping that something sticks. Sure, you may get a small amount of traffic and sometimes every now and then hit the mark, but wouldn’t it be better to get it right every single time?

Even when just posting on social networking sites or exchanging links, it’s vital to the success of your website that you use relevant, useful keywords. You can use these keywords for links, promotions, give them to your writer, any time you need content or links for your website.

Our keyword research service finds you 30 terms that match your products and services, and already have people actually searching for them in Australia.

  • 10 low competition keywords that you can start to see results from quickly
  • 10 medium competition keywords that will bring you more traffic with a bit more effort
  • 10 high competition keywords that you can use for sustained efforts over the life of your business.

The cost of this service is only $40, and you’ll be provided with a full report detailing the number of searches and competition level for each keyword.

or contact us for offline payments.