About Us

multimediART is a experienced web design and development company headed by Lucie Battaini, and supported by a team of talented professionals. Our designs have won awards, and we’re proud of every site we create.

We’ve been in business since 2002 and an Australian registered company, and so you can trust us to design a website both relevent and with amazing features for your business.

multimediART communicates fully with clients, before, during and after the design process, to ensure the end result is exactly what the client desires. From the initial communications, comprehensive briefing before design begins, and ongoing support at the end of the project, you’ll be given support and advice all the way.

So, what are you waiting for? Contact multimediART today and find out why word of mouth is the only advertising we ever need.

Lucie – Director and Head Designer

Before founding her own company, Lucie worked in the IT department at major Australia educational institutions, and has formal tertiary-level training in digital media and communicating the all important message. In fact, on completion of her Bachelor’s degree, Lucie recieved an invitation to join the university’s honour society, having achieved results at the top of her peers.

Lucie enjoys helping businesses realise their online potential and achieve their dreams. Her clients love her non-technical explanations and friendly service.

When not working, Lucie loves designing digital scrapbooking kits, photography and all types of craft.

Paul – Head Programmer

Paul started his interest in computers and technology from an early age, programming LOGO and BASIC at primary school and spending many a late night graphing math functions or writing other scripts to maintain the file system. The only part of that machine left is the CPU which, even if functioning would barely drive a mobile phone these days.

Since then he has studied several programming languages at a tertiary level, where he also built a simple controller for a 7 segment display using basic logic chips and insulated wire! (yes, he’s a geek).

Paul has worked in the IT industry for over 10 years and grown his knowledge to cover more languages (Visual Basic, PHP, SQL) and other aspects of the industry such as server and network administration, and has an MCSE qualification from Microsoft. He has worked on projects for a large range of customers from many industries and of many sizes.

Allison – Graphic Designer

With tertiary level studies in art and design, Allison has a brilliant knack for catching perfection in her designs, often on the first draft!

Her experience ranges from HTML to creating graphics and editing websites.

Allison is an an avid scrapbooker, photographer and she also occasionally paints, sews, rearranges the furniture and loves changing how something looks.

Her favourite hobby is buying new fonts….who’s isn’t?